What’s a Loafing Shed?

So back in the day when I was married, we lived on 10 acres and I had the fantasy of becoming a gentleman farmer. I learned all about pasture rotation, mud management, and tack rooms. The one thing I did not do much research on is a feature on our new listing in Chehalis… the loafing shed.

Check out this amazing property a half hour from Olympia on 17 acres… it has everything in including a pool.

I’m resisting the urge to Google a loafing shed, I thought I’d let you tell me.

Ron: “Help your guy out – what’s a loafing shed?” 😊

Don: “It’s a shed where you goof off, loaf around, bake and eat loaves of bread…..”

Ron: “That makes sense – I didn’t even see the bread oven…”

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