What fees do sellers pay?

What Fees Does a Seller Pay?

In a typical real estate transaction, the seller pays 6% of the sales price in commission.

That money goes to the Firm representing the seller. The firm then pays the agent(s) that sold the house 3% minus their Firm fees. The other 3% goes to the firm that represented the buyer. That firm pays the buyer’s agent 3% minus their firm’s fees.

Home buyers also incur various fees. Fees come in the form of inspections, financing costs, closing costs and other expenses.

When it comes time to close, both buyers and sellers will get a clear accounting of all the fees that they are required to pay. They include things like taxes, escrow, title, assessments, and other costs.

Each situation is unique, but rest assured Ron & Don will create a custom plan for you and be very clear in communicating with you along the way.

There is a more detailed breakdown of fees and closing costs later in this manual.

If you would like a more detailed discussion on how the buying or selling process works, request a Sit Down with Ron and Don today.

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