Welcome Therese to the Ron and Don Team!

Making big transitions in life is difficult. They say the big three are moving, getting a divorce, and changing jobs.

So with a  great deal of consideration we decided to expand our real estate team. That would mean asking another human to change their career path because of us. It’s a decision we didn’t take lightly. Don & I came to the realization that we needed some help, and that help should come in the form of a Buyer’s Specialist.

We started talking with people months ago, and finally found what we think is the right fit with Therese. Our new team name is RON AND DON NATION (official with the real estate powers that be)and Therese is our first team member.

So what’s a Buyer’s Agent anyway?

Selling homes and buying homes should really be thought of as separate businesses. At the very least, there are quite different approaches to the same end – the transfer of a property from one party to another. In a market like the Pacific Northwest, knowing how to “win” a home for a buyer is a special skill set. It’s so competitive in many zip codes, you need a number of successful strategies to get the job done.

So what was it about Therese that made us want her to be a part of the Ron & Don Nation?

First, as you can tell in the video, she is tremendously affable and easy to get along with. When it comes to buying a home (not to mention wrangling the two of us) this trait should not be underestimated. When it comes down to several offers that are competing for the same place, many times a feeling of camaraderie with one’s colleague can tip the scales in your favor.

Next, Therese is tenacious. Even when you’re as experienced as Therese is, you still have offers that aren’t accepted. Even when you’re at the top of your game, it can be hard to keep getting up after you and your clients are disappointed. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the beast right now in our area for buyers. Therese has a proven track record of staying with a buyer until they are successful. Sometimes not giving up easily is the best skill you can have.

Lastly for this introduction, Therese is fun. Believe it or not, this is important to the Ron & Don Nation. If you’re doing something as big as a real estate transaction, it shouldn’t feel like a root canal the entire time. Being competent, tactical and professional is essential – but when you can have fun all the while, that sets you apart.

We would love to do a Ron & Don Sit Down with you and introduce you to Therese in a Zoom call. It’s a 45 minute Zoom call where we can listen to your story and see if we’d make a good team for your real estate journey.

Schedule your sit down by clicking here!

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